why dont you grow up

you know im sorry im not perfect but at least i never tried to act like i was you can fuck off because i am sick of dealing with your shit im sick of being yelled and screamed at for doing nothing wrong sick of you saying why dont you grow up and start acting like an adult maybe its cuz i am still in high school and it may only be for just a few more days but i dont want to act like an adult then again maybe if you would treat me like an adult then i would act like an adult you want me out of this damn house then hey thats fine i will gladly leave and then you can just sit back and think about the reason my room is so empty is because you pushed me out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good Mood!!!

So I have come to the conclusion that I will be a lot happier if I just stop giving a flying fuck. So I did.

I Do not care if you like me.

I do not care if you want to be my friend.

I just do not fucking care about your dumb ass opinion.

My life will continue with or without you in it. Want to ditch me to fit in with the “in crowd” go for it I have better things to do than kiss your fat ass anyways. So now that this pointless rant that I wont be pissed off about in the morning is over. I am going to bed.

Good night my non existing readers.

Good night world!





We turn 16. Get a car. Then start to work. Little do we know at the time all we are going to be doing the rest of our life is working. Trying to stay ahead of everyone else. Then next thing we know, we have blinked at our lives are gone. All we have done is but up with little bullshit drama. Made just enough money to keep up. Might have made a good memory or two on the way. But most of it involve working. Why can’t we all take time to step back and enjoy life oh yeah because we do not know how to. well fuck this. I am sick of trying to please everyone. time to start pleasing me.

Rant over.

Thank you for listening.

Even though no body even reads this.


so im supper excitted to start blogging with TBC with people i know are really around my own age and really understand a lot of the stuff I am going through!!! already read through a few of their stuff and cannot wait to get started!!!!

Hello world!

So even though no one will ever read this. I don’t really care!

my life in a nut shell. broken home. my dad is a drug loser. my mom is controlling but no matter what she always has my back. i go after older guys i guess because you could say i have daddy issues. but in all honestly i think my dad being in and out of my life so much has made me more mature. but then again who know. but i know i should be happy with the guy i am with. he was my best friend for four years and i am happy when i am with him or talking to him. but when he is not around i feel like my world could come crumbling down at any second. i am going to try this for a month. the biggest  month of my life. then see how much my ideas and thoughts change. so if you even are about reading this or whatever then that’s cool i guess. but im not doing this to make friends or impress anyone. i am doing this for i don’t know why yet. and if there is someone reading this maybe you could figure out why i am doing this with me..