We turn 16. Get a car. Then start to work. Little do we know at the time all we are going to be doing the rest of our life is working. Trying to stay ahead of everyone else. Then next thing we know, we have blinked at our lives are gone. All we have done is but up with little bullshit drama. Made just enough money to keep up. Might have made a good memory or two on the way. But most of it involve working. Why can’t we all take time to step back and enjoy life oh yeah because we do not know how to. well fuck this. I am sick of trying to please everyone. time to start pleasing me.

Rant over.

Thank you for listening.

Even though no body even reads this.


One thought on “Work

  1. Hi Ellizie,
    Thank you for joining TBC! I understand your anger at this, I’m currently studying for exams and doing a lot of things “because we have to”, but I’ve decided to follow the path that makes me happy in life. I can be poor, miserable and tired from doing something society chose for me, or poor, slightly less miserable and tired from doing something I love. People think happiness is unattainable, so they substitute it with material stuff, but really it’s in letting go of that material world that will bring you happiness 🙂


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