Hello world!

So even though no one will ever read this. I don’t really care!

my life in a nut shell. broken home. my dad is a drug loser. my mom is controlling but no matter what she always has my back. i go after older guys i guess because you could say i have daddy issues. but in all honestly i think my dad being in and out of my life so much has made me more mature. but then again who know. but i know i should be happy with the guy i am with. he was my best friend for four years and i am happy when i am with him or talking to him. but when he is not around i feel like my world could come crumbling down at any second. i am going to try this for a month. the biggest  month of my life. then see how much my ideas and thoughts change. so if you even are about reading this or whatever then that’s cool i guess. but im not doing this to make friends or impress anyone. i am doing this for i don’t know why yet. and if there is someone reading this maybe you could figure out why i am doing this with me..


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